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Golden retriever waiting for nom nom
What is it about

It is simple – You have a pet dog who needs your attention, companionship and… some snacking. But let’s face it – the majority of the dog food made out of most miserable ingredients possible.

So our philosophy is simple – provide an alternative and natural dog chew made out of 1 ingredient. Nothing else. 100% naturally made out of Yak milk.

It’s good for your dogs health! Why? Because it’s nutritious and helps to maintain your dogs’ teeth and gums healthy and clean.

When you purchase the dog chew on our online shop, we will ship it to you within a day. Made in Nepal. Packaged in Lithuania (EU).

Yalk Milk base dog chew
Our Chews

Nom Nom Chews made out of 1 single ingredient in the traditional way that has been used for hundreds of years by local tribes in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Initially used for human consumption, these hard yak milk cheese bites have been adopted for dogs to chew on. It’s easily digestible and healthy too as it contains higher amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids than a piece of regular cheese, therefore, its excellent for your four-legged friends’ health

Now your furry baby has a chance to try it out as well. What are you waiting for? Click here to get it

Jacky - nom nom chews
Contact Us

You are more than welcome to purchase suitable chew for your or friends dog here.

Shipped from Lithuania worldwide upon your request. Delivery times vary according to the destination.

If you are interested in purchasing our chews in bigger quantities, for your convenience, we organise bulk orders as well.

For more information, please connect with us directly.

We ship from Lithuania within Europe, North America, Australia and Asian continents.