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Nom Nom Chews-Everything you want to know


Nom Nom Chews are made of Yak Milk Cheese. Churpi ingredients: 100% Yak Milk No wheat No Gluten No Soy No fake stuff The Looks We care about the environment; therefore, we use recycled paper and Jute to keep and…

How yak milk chews (Nom Nom Chews) are made?

how churpi made

Yak milk chews (Nom Nom chews) are one of the highest quality organic food that you can provide to your dog. It contains high in protein, minerals, and vitamins. “Nom Nom Chews” are your answer to creating a positive difference…

Amazing & Healthy Nom Nom Yak Milk Dog Chews


Nom Nom Chews, otherwise known as dog chew, Churpi or Durkha, is Yak milk-based food, a complete nutritional supplement for your dog.  It is made from 100% organic grass and herbs fed yak milk in the Himalayan Mountain region of…