How yak milk chews (Nom Nom Chews) are made?

Yak Milk Dog Chew - Nom Nom Chews
Himalayan Yak – Nom Nom Chews

Yak milk chews (Nom Nom chews) are one of the highest quality organic food that you can provide to your dog. It contains high in protein, minerals, and vitamins. “Nom Nom Chews” are your answer to creating a positive difference in your pet’s health and wellbeing.

These chews, in tiny bits, were first created and consumed as snacks by the Himalayan people and sherpas decades ago as an excellent source of protein that kept them hunger-free during long walks and hikes and still does now.

The type of yak milk chews (Churpi):

  • Soft Churpi: higher in moisture and made with cows milk additionally
  • Nom Nom Chews (Hard Churpi): Made with yak milk and much more drier

It is made by separating whey from buttermilk solids to produce curds similar to Italian Ricotta.

The method:

How yak milk chews (Nom Nom Chews) are made? 1

Making of Nom Nom Chews has its unique process. It can be brown or white in colour. Colour totally depends on the process of making it.

The white ones are sweeter in taste and the brown ones are mostly tasteless. But not for our furry friends. They enjoy every single bite of it.

Yak milk is boiled over a wood fire for a long time and huge quantities of milk are stirred using large utensils until it thickens and condenses.

Hardness is obtained by wrapping it in a jute bag and further pressed under the weight of heavy stones to get rid of water content and make it dry.

After drying solid mass is cut into appropriate sizes or pieces and then again left to dry under the sun.

Hard Churpi can be consumed for decades if it is stored properly