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Why Nom Nom Chews?

This is very simple. You have a pet dog who needs your attention, companionship and… some snacking.

But, let’s face it, the majority of dog food and snacks are made out of the most miserable ingredients possible. Different kinds of additives, colourants, taste enhancers and things you can’t even pronounce are thrown into large mashing machines and ground together to make something that looks like dog food.

So our philosophy is simple – provide an alternative and healthy snack -chew made out of 1 ingredient. Nothing else. 100% naturally made out of Yak milk.

Golden retriever enjoying yalk milk dog chew
Golden Retriever

Buying for good cause

We recognise that there are countless hungry and malnourished street dogs browsing around in the streets of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Unfortunately, we can’t feed them all, but at least we can help some of them.

No, we are not a charity, and we don’t ask for donations 🙂

However, by purchasing, Nom Nom Chews, you are not only supporting local tribes, and people who are making them but also a dedicated amount goes to the dog charities that look after street dogs.